Economic Calendars

An economic calendar that covers a significant portion of international events is required reading by anyone looking to trade in Forex and all of this data can not be found in one place.  In general, the trader who reads the most and engages as much useful information will be able to make better trades and a higher average return per trading day.  For beginners, these three questions are a good starting point for currency news analysis.

  • What direct effect will this news have on a currency I am trading in?
  • What knock on effect will this new have on a currency that will affect the currency pair I am trading?
  • Does this news make the market more unpredictable and hence too risky for a reasoned investment.

How to read economic calendars:


Recommended Economic Calendars:

Here is a list of economic calendars that I would recommend as reading.

Kenyan Currency & Economic News:

African Currency News:

South African Reserve Bank:  Link

Fin24 from South Africa:  Link

Global Currency News:


Economist Markets News:

(Source:  FXStreet)